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Principal's Message

Greeting Families and Community Partners:


Welcome to our school’s website! We are looking forward to a fantastic 2018-19 school year!


We are a diverse school community of over 700 students in grades PreK - 5th grade. This year we have adopted a new math curriculum which will harness  the critical thinking skills of our students in new ways. We have also expanded our Pre- K program from 3 half day classes to 8 full day classes. We are not only expanding in number, but in our approach to serving  the whole child and we are excited about it! The elementary school years are about discovery, learning to take positive risks and developing a strong sense of self-confidence. As a school, we are always working to make learning dynamic and engaging for our students.


Teaching & Learning

Our teachers and support staff are working with great focus and commitment to ensure our students continue to grow academically and socially. Through highly engaging instructional practices facilitated by our teachers and in-class support staff we are committed to:

  • Ensuring students engage in rich, standards-based instruction
  • Building on what students already do well and using those strengths as starting points for coaching students to achieve exceptional academic and social growth
  • Cultivating within students the skills they will need to become independent thinkers, learners and leaders
  • Embracing the diversity of our learners and addressing their specific needs using technology and differentiated approaches to teaching and learning
  • Creating frequent opportunities for students to apply what is learned in the classroom in the world beyond our school doors


Partnering with Parents & Families

Knowing that developing outstanding learners and leaders is a community effort, high on our list of priorities continues to be the building of strong partnerships with our students' parents and families. Shared accountability for the success of your child(ren) is essential if we are to equip them with the tools they need to discover and fulfill their own dreams. With that in mind, we expect and champion active parent/family involvement through your:

  • Ensuring your son/daughter maintains a weekly attendance rate of 97% or higher
  • Assisting with homework consistently each week
  • Regular review of all graded assignments with students and creating opportunities at home for your son/daughter to improve in the areas they need to grow
  • Review of your child’s notebook daily to get a sense of what was learned, what your son or daughter is doing well and which areas require more monitoring
  • Signing and returning all documents sent home which require your signature and or feedback. We need to hear from you and your  child needs to know we are communicating with each other about them
  • Open communication with your child’s teacher via a scheduled appointment or via a brief note or email
  • Participation in scheduled school events including those celebrating the achievement of your son/daughter


We are in for another great school year and we’ll continue to offer numerous activities and school clubs which build upon the trusting and caring relationships which exist between  our teachers and students.


Yours in Education,


Mr. Stephen V. Peters, Principal